(Soundtrack/Contemporary Classical/Songwriting)

Whether you’re an ensemble, band, solo artist, or need a soundtrack for a film or game, I’m here to make sure that you get the best piece you can have, let’s talk!


Orchestration, with full orchestra, choir, and synths, depending on your needs. I can provide professional quality notation for instrumentalists, and wav files for recordings/virtual instruments. I use only the best software and a mixture of classical and modern orchestration techniques to give your music something that will make it stand out above all the rest. Why use an orchestra if you’re not gonna use it to its full extent?


Mixing, mastering, instrumental and vocal editing, or even just reamping with the Kemper Profiling Amp. Whatever you need, I’m here to lend a hand, and make sure that your song sounds as good as you want it to.

Get in touch.

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