Daniel with CELESTIVL, taken for the ‘TenTimesTwo’ album cycle.

About Daniel

Daniel Carpenter, MA Music, BMus (Hons) is a composer, songwriter, electric guitarist, PhD Student, and vocalist from Birmingham, UK who specialises in songwriting, performance, and orchestration for Metal and Rock bands, and contemporary classical and soundtrack composition.

Orchestration for Rock & Metal

Orchestration for Rock & Metal does not only require in depth knowledge of the genre, it requires in depth knowledge of how orchestration has evolved and developed throughout the years in classical and in modern music. Daniel has gained both of these through his work in CELESTIVL, and in his studies at University of Birmingham. When it comes to Rock & Metal, Daniel aims to not only orchestrate your music, but elevate it, using the orchestra to provide a level of dynamics, detail, and power rarely seen elsewhere.

Contemporary Classical Composition

Daniel is available for commissions from performers and ensembles of all sizes. He continues to hone his technique through continued study at the University of Birmingham as well as dedicated personal study and practice, and will take on any challenge as a composer.


“These songs kick ass, I’m having a great time mixing them.” 

Jonathan Young, during the TenTimesTwo mixing sessions

“A solo that even Tommy Johansson would not be ashamed of”

Metal Atlast Recenze, regarding the solo on Sabadu – Mighty Polish Tank

Current Projects

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Daniel Carpenter on Youtube

For Daniel’s latest guitar covers, vocal covers, arrangements, playthroughs. and much more!


Symphonic Metal’s best kept secret, hear Daniel’s guitar playing, songwriting, and orchestral composition in his band, CELESTIVL.


Daniel will be streaming production, composition, and orchestration sessions on Twitch, subscribe, so you can watch as soon as the stream starts.

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