Contemporary Classical Electric Guitar

ComposerTitleYear of recordingListen
Daniel CarpenterIf I’m a Filler Arc, I Hope This Isn’t a Magical Girl Anime2022Listen
Daniel Carpenter… and drown, and dream, and sleep.2022


Eons EnthronedBest Served ColdGuest solo2022
Sabadu World of TanksLead guitar, backing vocals2022
PlaneswalkerTales of MagicOrchestration, piano2022
Ravenous EHHubrisOrchestration, piano, guest solo on ‘… Of Beasts and Faust’2021
Marius Danielson’s Legend of Valley DoomSeven Ancient ArtefactsGuest solo2021
SabaduA Very Polish ChristmasLead guitar, backing vocals2020
SabaduMighty Polish TankLead guitar, backing vocals2020
CELESTIVLTenTimesTwoLead guitar, orchestration2019
Eons EnthronedAge of FireGuest solo2017
Ouergh RecordsA Tribute to Sonata ArcticaLead guitar, orchestration2015
Celestial WishOur CreationLead guitar, orchestration2014

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