Compositions & Work

Rock, Metal & Pop

CELESTIVL – TenTimesTwo (2019)
Songwriting, orchestration, lead/rhythm guitars, pre-production, musical direction.
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CELESTIVL – Our Creation (2014)
Songwriting, orchestration, lead/rhythm guitars, musical direction.
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Eons Enthroned – Age of Fire (2017)
Orchestration, guitar solo, mixing/mastering.
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Eons Enthroned – Blade Runner (2018)
Mixing/Mastering, vocal editing.
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Sabadu – Mighty Polish Tank (2020)
Lead guitar, guitar solo, choir vocals.
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Marius Danielsen’s Legend of Valley Doom – Seven Ancient Artefacts (2021)
Guitar solo.
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Sabadu – A Very Polish Christmas (2020)
Lead guitar, guitar solo, choir and backing vocals.
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Ravenous EH – Hubris (2021)
Orchestration, guitar solo (on Of Beast and Faust), piano.
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Planeswalker – Tales of Magic (2022)
Orchestration, piano.
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Contemporary Classical

An UnLazarus Machine (2020)
Originally written for the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, 8:15.

The Cowbone Whistle (2019)
For Tenor, Clarinet in Bb, and Piano, 4:00.

They, Who Wear the Penumbra as a Veil (2020)
For Clarinet in Bb and Piano, 3:30.

Pathologic (2021)
A concerto for electric guitar and orchestra, 15:30.

Waters Beneath The Star (2021)
Originally written for the Ligeti Quartet, 6:00.

I Hear His Voice from the Mouths of Those With Nothing to Say for Themselves (2021)
Originally written for Fear No Music as part of the Oregon Bach Festival Composer’s Symposium, 5:30.
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No Handel Bars
Written for Toy Piano as part of Fifteen Minutes of Fame featuring David Bohn with Toy Piano, 1:00.
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